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About Us

Saham Group is an African investment company that operates in a variety of essential human industries and services.
Driven by its strong entrepreneurial approach, Saham first began in the insurance sector, eventually becoming Africa’s industry leader.

After selling its insurance business in 2018, the Group has grown to become an international player with expertise in a variety of sectors, leveraging strategic targeted partnerships in sectors such as customer experience services/BPO, real estate, education,and agriculture .

Our portfolio
Our approach

We follow the strictest governance standards in all sectors of operation and in all countries.


All our investments are designed to add long-term value.

of excellence

A corporate culture that promotes teamwork, respect, equality and operational excellence.


A development model based on capital-intensive partnerships with renowned institutions.


Our group and its subsidiaries place special importance on quality; customer orientation and satisfaction are our core values.

Our Story

The Group’s success can be largely attributed to a number of M&A transactions such as these exposed below.


Creation of the Saham Group. Acquisition of the Agma brokerage company.

2005 / 2006

Acquisition of CNIA Assurance and Assurances Es Saada.


Acquisition of the Colina Group, Africa’s leader for insurance present in 16 countries. The Saham Group subsequently becomes the pan-African insurance leader.


Saham Finances, the Group’s insurance department is sold to Sanlam for US $2 billion.


Creation of Majorel, in partnership with the Bertelsmann Group, following the merger of Arvato and Phone Group, subsequently becoming a world leader in end-to-end Customer Experience Services/BPO.

Our current partners

Partners for the last 15 years, Bertelsmann and Saham created Phone Group in 2004. In 2019, the group became Majorel, a world leader in end-to-end Customer Experience Services /BPO.


In 2015, the Saham Group partnered with Tana, a Temasek and Oppenheimer joint venture, to create an education division, International Education Group (IEG). This successful partnership is today developing an international quality education network.

Our former partners
Our foundation

In keeping with our values, we aim to generate positive social impacts and put the most vulnerable populations at the heart of our actions.

With the Saham Foundation, we hope to pool the expertise necessary to find innovative solutions to the new social challenges that our local populations are facing.

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