Animated since its origins by the will to anticipate and to innovate, the Saham Group invested since the late 90s a new market in Africa, that of Outsourcing. Today, the Group offers its international clients with a high-performance offshore platform, and is a benchmark in the customer relationship center market in Africa.

Outsourced Services Division
Success Story of a pioneer

Since 1999, Saham Group pioneered the outsourcing services market by creating Phone Group. In 2004, the operator signed a capital partnership with Bertelsmann, the leading communication group in Europe.

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A Recognized Expertise

Saham's outsourced services business is reflected in two major services:
The Contact Center, which includes customer service, sales support, back office and technical support activities.
The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which offers operations offshoring and outsourcing.

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Key figures