Since 2015, Group Saham has invested in a comprehensive CSR approach that includes all its business lines and is structured around three main phases:

• Set our CSR policy  

• Deploy our actions and set extra-financial indicators  

• Communicate our results and our extra-financial performance  


Backing up the first phase, a CSR project committee has been set up as a representative for Saham’s different divisions and functions.

The Group's key commitments have been defined according to the following approach:

Schema content:



CSR Committee and the Group's various businesses and subsidiaries representatives, all in maintaining a participation spirit, were invited to take notice of and to prioritize the potential commitments that has being identified during thematic workshops covering the 7 CSR key areas: Governance, Practices Fidelity, Human Rights, Environment, Consumer Issues related to consumers and Local-Development.


The consolidation of these assessments, according to the methodology recommended by the international field experts’ organizations, was realized via a materiality matrix to come up with the 17 major commitments underpinning the Group's CSR Policy.


Our CSR Approach