Because its human capital is its main factor of success, Saham Group has created a stimulating and comfortable work environment that promotes the personal and professional development of its staff. The Group gives particular attention to recruiting new talent, in skills development and management of individual careers.


Talent Reinforcement

The Group strives to encourage the emergence of new talent and to enhance its value by stimulating their ability to innovate, their initiative sense as well as their entrepreneurial spirit while developing their leadership qualities.


Since its creation, the Group has promoted the functional and geographical mobility of its employees. Reinforcing the multicultural dimension makes it possible to move beyond the experiences and to enrich the know-how. Saham Group, which has an extensive network on an African scale, offers this unique opportunity to gain international experience and propel talent.


Saham Group offers its employees diversified and tailor-made trainings. And developing the potential of everyone’s image is one of the Group's major priorities. Individualized training programs, which respond to the employee's development path, have been set up. And the goal is to provide everyone with the means to evolve and contribute to creating a productive environment.

Our Commitments