Because disadvantaged areas, particularly in rural areas, suffer from a lack of doctors, medical staff, but also from high infant and maternal mortality rate, the "Saham Solidarity" unit goes to meet the populations living in the most isolated regions to provide them with basic health care.

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To support project leaders, Saham Foundation's Sherpa Club has supported more than a hundred local initiatives, sources of employment, and human resource development. To foster brand new ideas, Saham Foundation selects on an annual basis, a dozen projects for the Entrepreneurship Awards.

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Convinced that a child’s future lies in education, Saham Foundation gives disadvantaged children aged 6 to 17 years the best chance to succeed in school. Actions implemented in rural areas among the youth involve on the one hand providing them medical attention to enable them to complete their education, and, on the other hand, to ignite their interest in studies and undertake business ideas while restoring confidence in their future.

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Since its creation in 2008, the Saham Foundation has been working to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people in Africa. Explore our activities on video.

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