Saham Group was a pioneer in the market of customer relations centers, with the creation of Phone Group in 1999. In 2004, the operator signed an equity partnership with Bertelsmann, the first communications group in Europe. Today, Phone Group employs approximately 4,000 employees in 10 contact centers in Africa, of which 8 are in Morocco, and provides value-added services on behalf of major international companies.

Phone Group is part of an approach based on the quality of sustainable business partnerships with prestigious clients, while preserving the benefits of outsourcing in terms of cost, quality and flexibility. This vision relies on meeting each partner's specific commitments that Phone Group is entrusted with, namely direct interaction with its customers for the provision of technical assistance, customer service, telemarketing, but also back office and directory service.

Thanks to a very strict quality approach, Phone Group was able to obtain the following certifications and labels:

  • Standard Contact Centers NF 345 (December 2013)
  • LRS or Social Responsibility Label France (May 2013)
  • RSE CGEM or CGEM label for social responsibility Morocco (January 2013)
  • ISO 27001 in the process of compliance. ISO 9001, renewed in October 2011

ECCO Outsourcing, a key player in CRM and BPO services

Via ECCO acquisition, Saham Group completes its current offering of outsourcing services in French, assured through Phone Group. Today, Saham offers a multilingual offshoring CRM platform to address customers in Arabic and English markets, throughout the Middle East, Europe and the USA.