The Insurance division includes the Insurance, Assistance, Consumer Credit and Third Part Administration (TPA) sectors. Helped by a highly notable identity, this division constitutes the nerve centre of the Group, which puts its expertise at the service of the sectors which respond to basic human needs.


  • 3000 Employees
  • 26 countries
  • 1.01 billion USD Turnover


By consolidating the many companies acquired since 2005, Saham insurance has fully contributed to the Group's international expansion while expanding its growth prospects. Today, SAHAM Insurance is the leader in Africa, mainly in the non-life insurance segment.

SAHAM Re, a reinsurance subsidiary, aims to optimize the Divisions reinsurance needs. It brings added value through its technical skills to all of the subsidiaries of the Insurance division.


The current size of Saham Insurance is the culmination of an ambitious and thoughtful policy focused on acquiring several insurance companies in Morocco and Africa, now united under a single identity:

  • In 2005, acquired 67.01% of CNIA Assurance
  • In 2006 acquired 100% of Assurances Es-Saada
  • Merger in 2009 between CNIA and Es Saada, which became CNIA Saada Assurance. In 2013, the company was the No1 non-life insurance in Morocco and fourth insurer in the country in terms of written premiums.
  • In 2010: Acquired the Colina Group, insurer of CIMA (Inter-African Conference on Insurance Markets) for the African region and present in 17 countries.
  • In 2012: Acquired Global Alliance Seguros Angola, the first private company of the country to have 16% of a market in strong growth.
  • In 2012, Acquired LIA Insurance, a Lebanese company with a particular presence in the Automotive segment, Health Insurance and Life Insurance.
  • In 2013, acquired Mercantile insurance, a company with a particular presence in life, health and property and casualty insurance in Kenya
  • In 2014, acquired CORAR AG Ltd, a company with a particular presence in health, life and car insurance sectors
  • Acquired in 2014 Unitrust Insurance Co. Ltd, a major player in the Nigerian non-life insurance.


Founded in 1981, Isaaf Assistance is a subsidiary of Saham Group since 1997. Partner of Mondial Assistance Group, an international leader in assistance, Isaaf Assistance was renamed Saham Assistance in 2014. It relies on a network of 600 centers in Morocco. Thanks to the quality of its partnership with Mondial Assistance, Saham Assistance offers a global network of 240 correspondents and 400,000 service providers (doctors, nurses, paramedics, towing services, mechanics, airline companies, etc. SAHAM Assistance has begun exporting its expertise to other countries of the continent, including the Ivory Coast and Cameroon.


In 2012, the Group strengthened its expertise in managing health care costs through Third Party Administration (TPA). Implemented to optimize the management of health care costs and to strengthen Saham Insurance's expertise in the field, this strategic management tool will allow clients to be reimbursed through a paying agent in networks of care.