Education Division


In the face of proven inadequacies in the education systems of Africa, developing high quality efficient teaching methods has become an unavoidable necessity. To support development and respond to the needs of the continent, Saham Group, in partnership with Tana investment fun, has created a division dedicated to education, Sana education.
Sana education is developing a network of high-quality teaching establishments throughout Africa. They go from preschool to high school and are attuned to local cultures. They place the well-being of the child at the heart of their pedagogy. Based on a growth strategy that encourages new developments, Sana education aims to reach a capacity of 100,000 students within 10 years.

Sana education schools rely on two major teaching systems a ‘premium international’ service, and an ‘excellent bilingual’ course. They share a strong pedagogical foundation and organizational structures. The training offered prepares students for the most prestigious baccalaureates, such as the French baccalaureate in Morocco, or the Canadian baccalaureate in Egypt. To ensure the highest standards of quality, Saham’s education project has set aside funds for the hiring and training teaching staff. 

Concerned with educating happy, balanced students, the schools signed to Sana education, bring the Saham Group’s values to life. They embody critical thinking, entrepreneurship and creativity within a context of social responsibility and awareness.