Entrepreneurial spirit

This value is deeply connected with the Group's roots, which grow with the help of a solid entrepreneurial and proactive strategy. Individual initiatives and collective accomplishments are the driving force of the Group's development

Quest for excellence.

"Being the best at what we do" such is the creed of the Group's and its subsidiaries' employees. Upper management strives to renew this mindset in everyday life while evolving in the context of an aggressive competitive environment and changing markets.


Saham Employees are attached to the values ​​of respect, integrity and transparency. Concern for the end customer, individual or company, is ubiquitous in each managerial decision.


Bringing to market innovative products and services, adapting and transforming distribution channels to customer expectations - many practices that demonstrate customer centricity and a desire to innovate.


Aware of the challenges raised by sustainable development, Saham Group is strongly committed to its social responsibility. A living example of this commitment, Saham Foundation for Equal Opportunities initiates and implements ambitious development projects all around Africa.


Core Businesses