The disadvantaged population in rural areas suffers the lack of medical supervision. To promote their access to Healthcare, Saham Foundation has been organizing medical caravans since 2013: medical teams reinforced by Saham Group volunteers to reach the neediest population in the most isolated areas across Morocco (Seksaoua, Boudnib, Tata, Ait Tamlil ...) and sub-Saharan Africa (Pete in Senegal, Lambaréné in Gabon ...).


Since 2013, the Foundation has conducted 16 Solidarity Days in Morocco. More than 25,000 consultations were provided by a multidisciplinary medical team (gynecologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, opticians, pediatricians, dentists ...). More than 8,000 children and adults have been sensitized on oral hygiene, and more than 80 children have taken first aid courses. Glasses, hearing aids, medicines and donated clothes were given to patients and local authorities in the visited regions.


Key figures - Morocco​

• 25,270 free consultations

• 8,180 children and adults sensitized on oral hygiene

• 130 multidisciplinary volunteer doctors


Since the end of 2016, Saham Foundation has been organizing surgical caravans in Sub-Saharan Africa and Morocco for patients requiring surgical intervention identified in previous solidarity actions. Various interventions have been successfully performed at the HPM hospital in Marrakech (cataracts, pterygium, thyroidectomies, tonsillectomies ...).


Saham Foundation organizes Solidarity gatherings in Sub-Saharan Africa, in partnership with the Ministries of Healthcare and National Healthcare Organizations. Surgical caravans were carried out in Senegal and Gabon, resulting in over 250 surgeries and more than 1,200 medical consultations.


Key figures - Sub-Saharan Africa​

• 287 free surgical operations

• 1,285 free consultations

• 25 multidisciplinary surgeons and paramedical volunteers


Foundation recognized as of public utility (Decree N ° 2.17.648 of October 24th, 2017, published in BO 6619 of November 6th, 2017)

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