Since 2016, Saham Foundation has been developing strategic axes of its action: community development. This holistic approach consists of integrating different programs in order to provide a complete answer to the Moroccan rural and isolated regions’ problems.

Community development projects are part of a sustainable development approach and incorporate a long-term vision, encompassing the development different key areas: education - Healthcare - governance - rural economy - agriculture - environment.


The objective of the Healthcare axis is to reduce the vulnerability of the deprived populations, to raise awareness of Healthcare living and bodies, to inform and assist in the prevention of diseases specific to each region, and this in collaboration with the Ministry of Healthcare.

The education focus is to improve the conditions of teaching and educational guidance in partnership with the Ministry of Education, and to reduce illiteracy and drop-out rates among women.

The social entrepreneurship axis helps to promote leadership spirit and entrepreneurship, as well as to foster the development of a dynamic economic fabric locally, and to develop IGAs (income generating activities) hand in hand with the local environment.

The purpose of this program is to promote equal opportunities, and to make the deprived rural communities economically independent thanks to the income-generating activities. Local populations thus actively contribute to the integrated development of their region.


Foundation recognized as of public utility (Decree N ° 2.17.648 of October 24th, 2017, published in BO 6619 of November 6th, 2017)

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